Beware, would-be-escaper, This colorful clay might be hiding something sinister underneath!

My submission to the 2021 Scream Jam! Playable in-browser!




Content warning: claymation violence + gore

Game may take awhile to load! Press the blue button in the bottom right corner to enter full-screen mode


If you are stuck, try INSPECTING items in your inventory by clicking on the magnifying glass!


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(315 total ratings)
TagsCreepy, Escape Game, Horror, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityOne button

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my new favorite game


That chess lady actually got me lmaooo I was not expecting the game to make me as creeped out as it did but that's why I LOVED it

The password part took me 2 hours. I felt stupid when I found out the answer.:


wow im so bad with horror im just gonna watch someone play it,,,., this is really nice and creative



I watched Smokeebee play it. Was nice. Too bad I can ton mobile. Or can I?//

can’t nvm

Remenber me Neverhood

Best game i've played in my whole life

:) ty!

wonderful escape game!




Wow it's been a while since I played such an interesting puzzle! I love it. I would love to see full game one day!


Clay Scape Walkthrough


omg you are a life saver


thank you


10/10 best game I've ever played 



damn that was a good gam

how do i do the compass puzzle? i don't want the answer, i just want a hint

you need to turn on the computer


i'm stupid


are there any text based walkthroughs for the game?


i cant find the three number code can someone help plz

and thank you


it's the extra spaces after you solve the green keypad puzzle


Super unique!! I love the clay style and It made me super uncomfortable the whole time.... Great Game! :D


challenging and fun! love the clay style


Beautiful Game with astonishing artwork/design and the time limit makes it even more impressive! 10/10 got my noggin joggin!

Probably a dumb question but I am having trouble playing the game because the links on the right side ("view all by colorbomb", "follow colorbomb", etc) are overlapping with the screen. Any idea how to get around this?

use the full screen mode


THAT WAS AMAZING!! I loved the second part especially. I love the three digit lock in the first part, it took me so long to get it, only to realize the answer was right in front of me haha


Cool puzzle, the only parts i hated were the clock puzzle where it clearly shows 270 angle and not 90, and the screamer part

Exact same experience


do you plan on making more games??


정예찬 바보 ㅋ



That was great, but actually very hard for the 3 digits, we've don't saw it for a long time


Honestly makes my heart STOP


I was stuck for a while until I finally saw the three digit combo. Nicely hidden in plain sight.

Also, that horse. I love it.


Cool room escape game, with v smart puzzles! Was stuck at the three-digit lock for a while, but finally figured it out - answer is hidden in plain sight heheh :3



💀I like the color of the box resembles the clock.

place I got stuck:

- three digit lock, this is clever!

- the red square block, this is magic trick! The other red blocks kinds of confuse a bit.

- the NEWS one, get carried away by the OpenSea site.


This was awesome! Thanks!!

yayy! i did it!

this was lots of fun, definitely harder than some of the others i've played haha



Fun and cool game. Finish it without any help! Yayy!


The best escape room game I've ever played. The puzzles are unique and thought-provoking. I'll definitely be recommending this to others. :)


real clay?


This is absolutely AWESOME 10/10!!! I'm wondering if you made the scenes physically or digitally, they look fantastic!


This is super fun and challenging! Also awesome visuals


Was fun


this game is amazing!!! after playing it i find myself replaying again. i love the challenging puzzles and the feature where you can save Clayton.

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