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fun and charming


Totally adore the art/rendering style!!

Thank you!!


this is so silly and funny, right up my alley !! keep up the good work man i hope to live long enough to see more of these 

thank you!


this is really great, id love more short stories in this style


🤣makes sense

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Very cool!  I've played Clay-Scape! and was impressed, but this is on a whole new level!  The clay character designs had such strong personality to them!  It all felt quite professional.

The story was funny and made me laugh out loud throughout.  The premise was great: direct, yet compelling.  I like how you built up the tension before she actually got a ride.  A few jokes, like the tacks, didn't feel grounded, or felt unrealistically silly, but most of it was just great storytelling.

I can imagine a lot of work went into this.  I appreciate that: the visuals were a treat.  However, personally, I would have enjoyed this close to as much with less impressive visuals (3d models, 2d, etc).  The story was just solid.  I only mention this because I could see getting burned out from such a work-intensive art style, which would be a shame.

Thank you for enjoying! I really liked making this game, so I'm glad people appreciate it as much as my room escape games :)

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haha funny story and the models are so smooth!




Huh, North Dakota really is close to the border, learned something?

Very good job oomfie, loved it!


This was great. I love the art direction. Who knew claymation would be so fitting for a visual novel? And the dialogue was super funny, I was laughing the whole time (Warner was a riot). Bravo!


Thanks :)


Loved it! Beautiful renders, fun characters, and several laugh-out-loud moments.


Fantastic game, just finished it. The art style is so vibrant and wonderful to look at. The characters are super appealing, and the writing has pleasant humor to it! Hope to see some more things like this in the future.

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great jobs


i got this game recommended to me by a friend, halfway through and i'm already loving it :)

i love the attention to detail and the little things such as the popsicle sticks, super cute